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What is a colloid

If you're wondering what colloids are , these colloidal products are created by suspending tiny particles of a substance in a liquid medium , usually water. These particles remain in suspension due to their small size, which facilitates their absorption and use by the body . Examples of the most used colloids are silver, magnesium, gold and copper.

Benefits of colloids

Colloidal products such as silver, magnesium, gold, and copper offer potential health benefits to those seeking alternative remedies .

It is important to use them responsibly, follow recommended dosage guidelines, and seek professional advice when necessary.

Types of colloids

Among the different colloid solutions we can find in Dioxnatur :

  • Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver has been used for centuries for its powerful antimicrobial properties. Since it helps strengthen the immune system, fight infections and promote wound healing. Some people also use colloidal silver as a natural remedy for cold and flu symptoms, skin conditions, and even as a nasal spray for sinus infections.

  • Colloidal Magnesium

Colloidal magnesium is gaining popularity as a dietary supplement due to its health benefits. Magnesium is an essential mineral that plays a crucial role in various bodily functions, such as nerve transmission, muscle function, and maintaining a healthy heart rhythm. It also helps muscle relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety, promotes better sleep and contributes to general well-being. In addition, it can help regulate blood pressure and promote cardiovascular health.

  • Colloidal Gold

Colloidal gold has a long history of use in alternative medicine due to its therapeutic effects. It is attributed with anti-inflammatory properties and can help brain health and cognitive function. It can also help relieve arthritis symptoms, improve mood, and even increase athletic performance.

  • Colloidal Copper

Colloidal copper is a relatively less known product than silver, magnesium and gold. However, it is gaining attention for its health benefits. Copper is an essential trace element that is involved in several bodily processes, such as the production of red blood cells, the formation of collagen, and the maintenance of a healthy immune system.

Colloidal copper has anti-inflammatory properties, promotes joint health and contributes to the production of collagen, which is crucial for the health and elasticity of the skin. Additionally, it can help increase energy levels and promote overall well-being.