Siddhi Naturelle, S.L.

Borja 16, 03006 Alicante, España

CIF: B16854994


And that's how it all started...

Dioxnatur was born with the objective of making quality drinking water accessible to as many people as possible and offering our community products that can help improve their quality of life and well-being.


Our mission

Our mission is to help our community achieve holistic well-being through self-care, empowerment, healthy routines and of course, the support of quality products.


The first thing is you

If you have been here and have stayed at some point, if you have tried our products or share our philosophy, you are part of this family, you are part of the roots of Dioxnatur and we can only thank you for helping to convey the message.

colaboracion dioxnatur

Together creating the future

We are an interconnected WHOLE, like the roots of trees. Your energy is my energy, your light my light... Today we are creating the future of tomorrow and the work behind Dioxnatur is the contribution of this team to that new humanity.

“When a law is unjust, the right thing to do is to disobey”