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Hydrochloric Acid 4%

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Hydrochloric Acid 4%
Hydrochloric Acid 4%
Hydrochloric Acid 4%
Hydrochloric Acid 4%
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Buy Hydrochloric Acid 4%

✔ Water purification

HCL is one of the components of the Water Treatment Kit that eliminates impurities and harmful contaminants from water , guaranteeing clean, fresh and healthy water for drinking, cooking and other uses.

✔ Quality Raw Material

Our hydrochloric acid solution is manufactured rigorously following all safety measures. Free of contaminants and residues .

✔ Optimal container of 60, 140 or 250 ml

The product is packaged in opaque HDPE. This material is ideal for this type of product and Its opacity prevents the substance from receiving direct light, guaranteeing the best conservation and preserving its quality .

✔ Easy to use

Our Hydrochloric Acid solution is easy to use, simply follow the instructions provided on the product label and using it together with Sodium Chlorite you can enjoy the benefits of purified water in a matter of minutes. In addition, its integrated dropper facilitates the best dosage of the product.

Frequently Asked Questions about HCL

What is hydrochloric acid or HCL and what is it for?

Hydrochloric acid or HCL (also known as salfumán) is one of the components of the Sodium Chlorite + Activator Kit, which is used in the production of chlorine dioxide in the place where it is required for water treatment, as it helps disinfect and purify water intended for human or animal consumption.

Used correctly in conjunction with sodium chlorite, it removes impurities and harmful contaminants from water, ensuring you get clean, healthy, quality drinking water.

Common uses of muriatic or hydrochloric acid

At Dioxnatur, you can buy Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) at 4%, which is the activator to use together with Sodium Chlorite 25% to generate chlorine dioxide, a powerful biocide and water purifier that provides numerous benefits for your health and welfare.

Other uses (for information only)

Hydrochloric Acid 4%, also known as HCL 4% or muriatic acid, is a colorless solution with various applications in different industries. It is widely used in the chemical industry, as a laboratory reagent, catalyst and solvent. It is also used in the food industry to regulate the pH level of products, such as in cheese making and pickling. In the metalworking industry, 4% hydrochloric acid is used to clean, etch and activate surfaces for further treatment. Its versatility and effectiveness make it a valuable component in many processes.

HCL Activator (Hydrochloric Acid) 4% Concentration

The 4% HCL concentration in the activator is carefully formulated to provide the perfect balance between efficacy and safety. It is strong enough to activate the sodium chlorite solution, but not so strong that it poses a danger to the user or the environment.

Instructions for use for the disinfection of drinking water, how to apply hydrochloric acid?

This product is one of the components of the Water Treatment Kit and should always be used together with Sodium Chlorite to prepare chlorine dioxide.

One drop of HCL Activator is used for each drop of Sodium Chlorite (1:1). For 1 liter of water we will need 2 drops of sodium chlorite and 2 drops of activator. Mix two drops of each component in a dry (non-metallic) container.

Wait about 45 seconds until you obtain a golden amber color. >150 ml water should then be added to these mixed amber drops to stabilize the activated solution as soon as possible. Immediately afterwards, dilute in the water to be treated and leave to act for at least 30 minutes. The amount of product to be dosed and the exposure time will always depend on the quality of the water to be treated.


Store away from light, in a cool, dry place.

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Laura Romagna

Prodotto ottimo e consegna rapida molto soddisfatta grazie

Perfecto estado.

Estoy Super contenta. Esperando 12 días llegó con un regalito qué nesecitava. Muchas gracias.

Llegó todo rápido en perfecto estado bien protegido y hasta la puerta de casa

Muy contenta con la calidad del producto y con el servicio y atención al cliente
Lo recomiendo 😘

Marc Climent

Todo perfecto

G. S.

Tutto bene, veloci, precisi, professionali.

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