El dióxido de cloro para piscinas

Chlorine dioxide for swimming pools

Keeping your pool clean and safe for use is essential to ensure an enjoyable swimming experience. Opting for chlorine dioxide CDS is presented as an effective choice for the care and maintenance of swimming pools. In this article, we will explain the benefits of using chlorine dioxide in swimming pools .

What is Chlorine Dioxide?

Chlorine dioxide, also recognized as clo2, stands out as a versatile and powerful disinfectant with widespread applications in various industries. From water treatment to food processing and medical environments, its effectiveness due to its disinfectant properties positions it as a leading choice for pool maintenance .

Is it good to use chlorine dioxide in swimming pools?

Chlorine dioxide in swimming pools is an effective solution that provides multiple benefits such as those mentioned below.

Benefits of Using Chlorine Dioxide for Swimming Pools

1. Powerful Disinfectant Power

Selecting chlorine dioxide as a disinfectant for your pool is based on its exceptional ability to eliminate bacteria, viruses, algae and other harmful microorganisms. Ensures that your pool water remains in optimal conditions, free of contaminants.

2. Safe for Swimmers and the Environment

Chlorine dioxide is a safe and environmentally friendly option compared to conventional pool disinfectants. Unlike chlorine, which can cause skin and eye irritation, chlorine dioxide is gentle on swimmers' skin and eyes . In addition, it does not produce strong odors, which makes swimming in a pool treated with chlorine dioxide more pleasant. Additionally, it does not create harmful disinfection byproducts, reducing its environmental impact.

3. Effective Algae Control

Algae growth is a common problem for pool owners. Chlorine dioxide effectively prevents algae growth , ensuring your pool remains crystal clear. By regularly treating your pool with chlorine dioxide, you can eliminate the hassle of dealing with green, slimy pool surfaces.

4. No Chlorine Smell

The presence of an intense chlorine aroma in the pool area is one of the most frequent disadvantages when using conventional chlorine-based disinfectants. Chlorine dioxide does not produce this unpleasant odor, making it more pleasant for swimmers and creating a more pleasant outdoor environment.

How to Use Chlorine Dioxide for Pool Maintenance

Maintaining your pool using chlorine dioxide or MMS turns out to be a fairly simple procedure. Follow these steps for optimal results:

1. Test and Balance the Pool Water

Before adding chlorine dioxide to your pool, it is essential to test and balance the pH and alkalinity levels of your pool water. This ensures that the disinfectant works effectively.

2. Add Chlorine Dioxide

Dissolve the recommended amount of chlorine dioxide in a container of water and ensure complete mixing before adding it to the pool. Pour the solution slowly while the circulation system is running.

3. Regular Monitoring

Monitor chlorine dioxide levels and adjust dosage as necessary. To do this, regularly test the water to maintain adequate levels, which will ensure efficient pool disinfection with chlorine dioxide .

4. Periodic Shock Treatment

Shock treat periodically to remove any lingering contaminants or algae. This will help you keep your pool water clean and safe for use.


Chlorine dioxide stands out as an effective and safe disinfectant for pool maintenance. Its disinfectant properties, algae control and absence of chlorine odors make it an optimal choice for pool owners looking for a pleasant and environmentally friendly swimming experience . Although it is generally safe to use, it is recommended that you consult a pool professional for specific guidelines and safety precautions.

* Please note : Although chlorine dioxide for water treatment is generally safe to use following proper instructions, it is always recommended to consult a pool professional for specific guidelines and safety precautions.