Cómo tomar el MMS

How to take MMS

In the constant search for wellness solutions and natural therapies , MMS has emerged as a topic of great interest. In this post we will explore in depth how to take this compound and the benefits obtained. In addition, we will explain the necessary precautions to ensure safe and effective use.

How do you take MMS?

The main way to take MMS is by purifying water . However, proper administration of the product is essential in this process to guarantee its effectiveness and safety. Below, we detail the step-by-step process to take the MMS safely and effectively.

As we have already mentioned, before starting to take MMS it is essential to properly prepare it. It must be taken into account that, for this, there are several protocols, but now we will show you the most used or recommended one.

Logically, to begin the preparation you will require the necessary materials. In this regard, there are 25% Sodium Chlorite purification kits that come with their activator . So you can consider purchasing one of these products. In addition to this, you need to have a dry glass container or glass to carry out the preparation.

The procedure begins with a ratio of 1:1 , which means that for each drop of Sodium Chlorite that is added to the container, one drop of the activator (Hydrochloric Acid) must be added. It must be kept in mind that this relationship is essential to follow to take advantage of the effectiveness of the process.

Once the necessary drops of Sodium Chlorite and the activator have been added to the glass container, wait and observe until the mixture turns yellow . This change in color is what will indicate that the solution is already activated and ready to disinfect the water.

After having activated the MMS, you proceed to add a little water to the glass, generally it is advisable to add more than 150 ml of water. This is done to stabilize the activation of the solution and also prepare it for water disinfection.

Finally, the activated mixture is diluted in the water you want to disinfect. After adding the mixture, it is crucial to allow it to rest for a while, for which it is recommended to wait at least half an hour. During this period, the solution will act to eliminate microorganisms and contaminants, thus ensuring that the water is safe for human consumption.

This is the most common process to disinfect water with MMS . However, it is important to highlight that the use of a water purification kit must be carried out following the specific procedure recommended by the manufacturer. Following these instructions is essential to obtain drinking water free of health risks.

How do you know when the water is properly drinkable?

The effectiveness of the purification process may require repeating the operation on some occasions, especially if the chlorine level in the water is below the desired range, which is 0.5 to 1.5 ppm. Therefore, the amount of solution or MMS that must be prepared to disinfect the water will depend on both the quantity and the quality of the water that you want to make drinkable.

On the other hand, it is also important to note that treated water should not be consumed until its chlorine level is below 1.5 ppm. Therefore, it is advisable to keep a check on the chlorine level in your water to ensure that it is within acceptable limits before drinking it or using it in food preparation.

To measure the level of chlorine in the water you can use chlorine strips, which are a practical and accessible resource. However, it is crucial not to confuse them with chlorine dioxide strips, since the latter are used in the process of making CDS (Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide) and are not intended for measuring chlorine in water.

Benefits of using MMS to make water drinkable

Drinking water purified with MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) has the main objective of guaranteeing that the water we consume is free of microorganisms and contaminants that may represent a risk to our health. We show you some of the benefits associated with the consumption of water purified with MMS :

  • Safe consumption : One of the most obvious benefits is that water treated with MMS becomes safe for human consumption. Disinfection through MMS helps eliminate bacteria, viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms that could cause illness.
  • Accessibility : MMS water treatment is a relatively inexpensive and accessible option for communities that do not have access to more advanced water purification systems. This can help improve water quality in areas where water purification is a challenge.
  • Disease prevention : Purifying water with MMS helps prevent diseases related to ingestion of contaminated water. Ensuring that it is safe for consumption undoubtedly significantly reduces the risk of infections and diseases.
  • Hygiene promotion : The availability of drinking water contributes to proper hygiene practices, such as handwashing and cleaning kitchen utensils and food. In turn, this helps prevent diseases and have better healthy living practices.
  • Environmental sustainability : Purifying water with MMS does not involve the addition of chemicals that are harmful to the environment. This can be a more environmentally friendly option compared to other water treatment methods that use more harsh chemicals.